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Vision, Mission, Values

What makes us, Us!
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To bring companies and people together across borders through collaboration and knowledge.
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Redefining what an agency is by bringing back transparency and trust. We are a studio that creates bespoke marketing solutions for businesses currently selling or wanting to venture into new markets.
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Forward thinking, international and data-driven.
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Getting ready for an expedition
Marketing is a journey and you must be prepared before starting it. Let us help you and think ahead, so that we can solve any obstacle and jump in on the opportunities that lay in front of you. We help you create a new tailor-made marketing strategy – or even better – we help you adapt your existing marketing, for the market you wish to enter.
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You have an idea and want to market it abroad but let’s face it, sometimes it is pain in the neck. We are here to help! By studying your goals, your market and your customers’ journey we can prepare the best strategy ahead.
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Strategic definition

This is your main route to success. Always data based, we put together a strategy just for your business: channel, advertising, budgeting, content calendar and more. Remember, this is fluid so we can adapt to changes in the environment.
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All hands on deck

This journey requires the right crew, and the key is collaboration between the right people, from our side and your side. Both sides work as one team, and we can be considered an extended part of your marketing team. Relevant employees on your end could be marketing directors, content creators or data analysts. Our side consists of Helene and Miguel, as well as a large, international network of talented people who can help reach your goals. Whatever the need, there’s someone awesome to help!

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Hand's on

Now it’s a matter of putting in place all the processes and optimise them. This is a really fun part! See the great ideas scale, evolve and become even better!

Who we are

Singlot is the project of two very different people who decided to try and are having the time of their life! Even though this website reflects just the two founders, Singlot is in truth a community of like-minded partners. It’s very exciting for us to bring them in this journey and we hope we can help you!
Hi! I’m Miguel
Singlot has two souls and I think it’s fair to say, I’m the more grounded one. I find running campaigns, reading data and reporting satisfying. I also love to cooperate with our customers and partners in the projects we embark on.
Hi! I’m Helene
Singlot has two souls, and I am in many ways the restless one – always suffering from FOMO and will jump on any chance to try out new ideas. I love putting together the pieces of a demanding project –especially when combining cultural communication and data-driven decisions– and seeing positive results for the client always makes it worth it.

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Working with Singlot is always a pleasure! They are efficient, creative and positive. Having collaborated closely on several campaigns they always understand our mission and provide insight that enriches what we do. Singlot makes sure we keep building closer connections to our target audiences!

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