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Gravity Sports

Singlot was instrumental in our digital marketing. Not only are they experienced and talented, but they proved having a proper strategy pays off.
Vivian Grüner - Daily manager at Gravity Sports
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Gravity Sports is an indoors trampoline park who wanted to leverage the power of social media advertising in order to reach their target audience. Since their launch in 2017 they used SOME campaigns advertising as their main driving force, so using the platforms in a clever way was essential.

What we did

We maximised the resources available and focus our efforts in video campaigns to boost visibility and traffic to the website. We used Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as a direct way of showcasing the park and the experience. We also run a Snapchat filter for the launch of a second venue.

The combination of user-generated content and professional films was key to show the true nature of the business. We would see upwards of 150% more engagement in content that showcased users’ real experience at the park.


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