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TikTok advertising

TikTok may be a channel you have heard about, but not really consideres as part of your marketing strateg? The app TikTok is currently ungergoing huge growth, and despite some negative media coverage it is alsready ne of the largest social medias in Norway. TikTok received great success through short-form video as well as showing content in your feed based on your interest, and not just who you follow. They have actually been so successful that even Facebook admitted copying TikTok’s interest-based feed. TikTok also stands out thanks to their young userbase (50% over their Norwegian  users are aged between 18-29), but you can also reach people of all ages. 

Why should you advertise on Facebook?
  1. Possibility to reach younger audiences, especially Gen Z
  2. Less competition from other advertisers (for now)
  3. Possibility to show a different, less polished side of the company
  4. Lots of exposure and views for your money
How can I have success with TikTok?

TikTok is a unique social media in many ways. It is predominantly used by young people, where what works best are short videos featuring unpolished content who are not trying to sell the user anything. Regardless of whether you want to post organically or use ads, you will need to set aside enough time and resources to produce content especially for TikTok, which is unpolished, personal and should tap into the latest TikTok trends. A benefit of having created short videos for TikTok is that they can often be repurposed for Instagram Story. 

In addition, it is also important to have a clear strategy. TikTok is first and foremost a channel for branding and visibility, and provides great opportunities to connect with existing and potential customers, as well as contributing to future sales. Through studies performed by TikTok themselves it was discovered that traditional click-based attribution models undervalues TikTok’s contribution to sales by up to 75% (“Beyond the Click”, TikTok), since it can be difficult to track TikTok’s contribution to a conversion. It is therefore important to be clear on your expectations for TikTok as a part of the marketing strategy. 

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