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Google advertising

Norwegians Google something on average 10 times a day per person, which amounts to a staggering 50 million Google searches every day! Over 90% of searches in online search engines are Google searches, and as a result being visible on Google is very important, no matter which service or product you’re selling, and to whom. As organic (meaning, you do not pay for it) visibility requires a lot of time and resources, Google Ads is a good alternative.

In addition to search ads (who appear in the Gogle search results), Google also offer other formats, including display, shopping and YouTube. Advertising on Google does not only require relevant and good-quality ads, but also required great content and a well-structured website. 

We can help you with anything from search word analysis, advice for your website, and of course running your Google Ads. Do you have an online store? We also help you with setting up catalog feeds for shopping ads. 

Why should you advertise on Google?
  1. Be visible exactly when users are looking for your products
  2. Possibility for budget control and pay per click (PPC)
  3. Through insight and tracking results
  4. Advertise throughout the customer journey with among others YouTube and Display
  5. Boost online sales through Google Shopping
How do I achieve great results from Google Ads?

Most companies start with search ads on Google, before expanding to further ad formats such as display and YouTube. The reason why search ads are a good format to start with is because that’s where you will reach users exactly when they are searching for services and products you offer. In order words, search ads  is a great way to reach low-hanging fruits. If you have an online store you should also consider shopping ads, as these will match your specific products with the people looking for those products. Should you have time and resources available, you might also consider display or YouTuve ads. These will show ads on placements outside Google Search such as YouTube or the Google partner network consisting of apps and websites Google have partnered with. Display and YouTube ads can provide great visibility and lead to sales in the future. 


Why is my website structure important for Google Ads?

Google has strict requirements for landing pages for their ads, in other words the link users are sent to from an ad. In order for ads to perform well and be prioritized by Google, the landing page should be both user friendly and relevant to the ad. If a landing page contains too much information about too many different topics, Google sometimes does not regard the landing page as relevant for the ad. 

This is especially important for Google search ads, and as a result it’s often better to have separate landing pages per topic than one large page filled with information. You can check the quality score Google has set for the landing page of an ad in the ad reporting tool in your Google Ads account.

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