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Instagram advertising

Instagram is owned by Facebook and even though it started out as an app for video- and image sharing, it has been expanded with a variety of functions, including shopping.  Did you know that you can also advertise on Instagram, and at the same time access the same advanced ad algorithm as on Facebook? We often hear that “our clients are not on Instagram”, but actually an impressive  1,2 million Norwegians use Instagram daily, of the 2,6 million users with a profile.This makes Instagram one of Norway’s largest social media, and can provide fantastic opportunities for advertisers.  

Why should you advertise on Instagram?


  1. Access to a highly efficient advertising algorithm 
  2. Possibility to tailor your messaging to your target audience
  3. Cost effective and budget control
  4. Create close relationships with a highly engaged audience
What is the difference between advertising on Instagram and Facebook?

The basic answer is: very little, which is a good thing. As an advertiser on Instagram you get access to the enormously efficient Facebook advertising ad algorithm as well as the ability to adjust the budgets to your need. You can also test videos and images to obtain the best results. The difference between Facebook and Instagram is due to the way users engage on Instagram. Intagram has become a more social channel, where users will connect on a personal level with the profiles they follow, as well as having a more visual focus than Facebook. High quality images and videos work well, as well as the possibility to have a dialogue instead of a monologue with potential customers. Instagram story also provides great opportunities for direct engagement, and as a result it is important to set aside enough time for community management for your ads.

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