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Jenter og Teknologi

  • Working with Singlot is always a pleasure! They are efficient, creative and positive. Having collaborated closely on several campaigns they always understand our mission and provide insight that enriches what we do. Singlot makes sure we keep building closer connections to our target audiences!
Karoline Løvall - Project manager at Jenter og Teknologi
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Jenter og Teknologi is a project of NHO (the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises) and aims to bring girls into the science and technology industry. They had plenty of ideas and great intitatives but needed a real boost on their digital marketing and where to reach their target audience.

What we did

Due to the project's nature and the target audience, it was quite clear from the start that Instagram and Snapchat would be really useful platforms. As expected, those two platforms proved to be fundamental.

There were two major moments in 2019: On the one hand, the NASA competition, where the winners would travel to NASA in Houston, Texas. On the other hand, the Norgesturné, an event where Jenter og teknologi would visit many cities in Norway, with the objective to bring awareness to the tech and science industries for younger girls.

We used curated videos from previous years both for the competition, as well as for the turné, in order to make the content relatable to the target audience. We also used other methods like a Snapchat lens to make our audience be an active player in the campaigns, which resulted in an uprecedented engagement!

2020 was a real challenge for all of us. We started the year with a new website and soon after the Covid-19 pandemic exlpoded. However, thanks to our experience and the implementation of streamlined processes, we generated the best results to date. We increased dramatically the number of competition participants, the attendees to the Norgesturné and in general we saw a boost in the exposure and online presence.


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