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Singlot is the project of two very different people connected to a vast community of like-minded partners around the globe.

Mission, Vision & Values



To bring companies and people together across borders through collaboration and knowledge.

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Redefining what an agency is by bringing back transparency and trust. We are a studio that creates bespoke marketing solutions for businesses currently selling or wanting to venture into new markets.

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Forward thinking, international and data-driven.

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Our team

Meet us!

Hi! I’m Miguel

Singlot has two souls and I think it’s fair to say, I’m the more grounded one. I find running campaigns, reading data and reporting satisfying. I also love to cooperate with our customers and partners in the projects we embark on.

Hi! I’m Helene

Singlot has two souls, and I am in many ways the restless one – always suffering from FOMO and will jump on any chance to try out new ideas. I love putting together the pieces of a demanding project – especially when combining cultural communication and data-driven decisions – and seeing positive results for the client always makes it worth it.