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Singlot is the project of different people connected to a vast community of like-minded partners around the globe.

Singlot about

Hi this is Helene and I am the restless one on the team! Always suffering from FOMO, I will jump on any chance to try out new ideas. I love putting together the pieces of a demanding project – especially when combining cultural communication and data-driven decisions – and seeing positive results for the client always makes it worth it.


Hi this is Miguel and I'm the one who loves working on content creation and video editing, both for our organic efforts as well as for the paid side of things. I also enjoy building dashboards and working with the tracking on the client's website!


Hi! This is Yonca and I have 13 years of experience in digital marketing.I´ve worked at large enterprises such as Facebook and Vistaprint, and have also worked closely with SMBs throughout my work experience. I have proven track record and first-hand insights into audiences, technical tactics and creative concepts that drive revenue.

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Mission, Vision & Values



To bring companies and people together across borders through collaboration and knowledge.

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Redefining what an agency is by bringing back transparency and trust. We are a studio that creates bespoke marketing solutions for businesses currently selling or wanting to venture into new markets.

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Forward thinking, international and data-driven.