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LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, where 1,3 million Norwegians have a profile. Both companies and private users can use LInkedIn for posting and engaging with content, as well as sending direct messages and posting and applying to job openings. LinkedIn ads provide a great possibility for reaching B2B (business to business) clients and engaging with relevant decision makers. You may have heard that LinkedIn ads are not the cheapest advertising alternative, and this is correct. However, a good strategy can help with great ROI from your ads by reaching relevant decision makers. We can help you with anything from audience analysis, strategy development and running your LinkedIn ads. 

Why should you advertise on LinkedIn?
  1. Tailored ads for your B2B target audience
  2. Great audience engagement from relevant users
  3. Use InMail to send relevant messages directly to the users’ inboxe
  4. Reporting and tracking tools
How do I get good organic visibility on LinkedIn?

An important rule of thumb is that “people follow people” on LInkedIn. If you want visibility for your organization’s content, it is therefore important to have the content shared on private profiles, such as your employees or others in your network. Pressure and force does not work in this case (as in, you cannot force your employees to share your company’s content), but the content should be relevant enough and of good enough quality for the users to wish to share it on their own feed. A good tip is to choose a company “ambassador” who will use their private profile to represent the company. This can be for instance the CEO or other employees already using their own profile for posting company content. All this can lead to great organic (free) visibility. LinkedIn Ads will help increase this visibility manyfold and help reach relevant audiences. If you are also looking for results such as leads and sales, LinkedIn ads is your best option. 

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