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Rypetoppen Adventurepark

We are very pleased with the help from Singlot and saw improvement in both visibility and sales. We definitely see the value of combining engaging content and investing in advertising on social media, and will focus on producing good content in the future.
Eirik Lerberg – Daily manager at Rypetoppen Adventurepark
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Rypetoppen Adventure park wanted to go deep in social media advertising. They had a solid organic presence but wanted to develop an efficient marketing strategy in order to boost their traffic and sales of their new sleepover product.

What we did

Using video ads was once more the way, due to the value for money they provide. The park collected plenty of different videos from their customers as well as more inspiring ones showcasing the venue. We ended up editing several diverse ads aimed at different audiences and that proved very valuable, as we targeted different users at different stages in their process. This approach combined with a close follow up on the organic communication yielded great results.


Check out those metrics!

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