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Larvik kommune

The campaign delivered each of the objectives we had and we could not be more pleased. We got the applicants we wished and then some!

Vibeke Høeg Næss - Head of communication
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As many as 200.000 people didn’t have a general practitioner in Norway in 2022. There is a great demand in the county and this also rings true in Larvik.

In this joint project, with Affair, we run an advertising campaign in Social media in order to recruit more GPs for the Larvik municipality. The pitch was to try and get GPs to relocate to Larvik, by reaching out to as many people as we could.

Affair was in charge of creating all the materials needed for the campaign, which resulted in some really fun videos we were tasked to run on social media.

What we did

The municipality aimed at getting one qualified applicant. However, in the end, thanks to the campaign that number rose to 8. Six of the applications came from very relevant and highly qualified candidates. The municipality was really pleased with the results, as indicated not only that what we did was in line with the objective, but the campaign run preciesely when it needed to.

In total over 10.000 link clicks were registered, which indicates a real interest in the ads. The cost per click ended up stable at under 3kr. This on its own is a great metric, since the Norwegian market tends to be more expensive and our target audience was even smaller. We also noticed a pretty high CTR of almost 3% and the cherry on top was the average time spent on the website. This metric ended up at over 2 minutes, which suggests, users spent a really good time (especially coming from ads) reading about the offer and why it could make sense to them.

Additionally the campaign helped boost the municipality’s branding, especially among the local population, which translated into great engagement in the shape of comments and shares in the ads.


Check out those metrics!

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