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Art Studio Lena.A

Being able to outsource Facebook marketing and any technical issues has been extremely beneficial for my business. Singlot has helped me maximize my results and to take advantage of the available possibilities for advertising, optimization and adjusting my ads. We have had regularly reporting meetings and contact, and thanks to Singlot I have not had to worry about my marketing, and rather focus on other aspects of my business. The collaboration with Singlot has provided a huge value for my business and helped me reach many more potential clients.

Lena Andersen - Artist and CEO Art Studio Lena.A
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Lena Andersen is a successful painter who also runs a membership club, where the members learn how to paint their own abstract paintings. The membership club, called “malerklubbben” is fully online and the member receive access to both pre-recorded courses as well as monthly live masterclasses. Lena also ensures a good dialogue with her members through a Facebook group where members among others can share pictures of their own paintings. Lena follows a similar business model as Frisk uten sukker, where she first collects leads through social media, which are then passed through a combination of free courses and automated email flows, and warmed up enough to convert.

Lena had previously worked a lot with Facebook campaigns and received good results, but got in touch with us because she felt lead prices had skyrocketed lately, while she had less time to focus on social media campaigns.

What we did

Lena already had a well-established strategy, a good overview of her target audience and a clear goal: increase the amount of leads from her campaigns. She had for a while collected leads through landing pages on her website, and previously this provided her with good results. However, as she had seen increase lead prices lately, we decided to test on-Facebook lead campaigns, which collected emails directly from Facebook and passed them to the CMS system. The results showed much cheaper leads, and we shifted the focus 100% to on-Facebook lead campaigns. Throughout the year Lena created various new free courses and other initiativesm which we promoted through the campaigns. We compared the results, and kept the focus in the best-performing free courses. We also tested multiple different video formats (including editing videos to fit the various ad formats) and requested new content from Lena whenever we needed to test something new. In addition we also cleared up the pixel setup and configured a connection between Facebook and the CMS system through Zapier.


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