Be Creative

Be Creative

Managing customers can sometimes become quite the challenge. As you gradually get more responsibility, you have to...

Embrace the Bots

Embrace the Bots

Bots are a reality and marketers can use them to make our customers' lives much easier. Automate the processes you can't...

User-Generated Advertising

User-Generated Advertising

User-Generated Advertising is steadily becoming more important in the industry. What if your customers provide you with...

The Importance of the Relevance Score

The importance of relevance

Understand Facebook's ad relevance score, and learn to improve the quality of your campaigns! Check out our blog post...

Customers on demand

Facebook was born as a computer-driven platform. However, progress is relentless and the use of mobile devices has made...

Pixels really matter

Ever wondered where your users go? Here's a basic explanation on Facebook's tracking tools!

Rock your Marketing with Video content!

Video is here to stay, so you need to master its use. Here are some tips to rule this powerful tool!

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