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We love data and we will help you reach your goals
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Solutions for clients who care

We offer many services tailored to your needs

Social media advertising

Increase your sales and revenue, get higher quality leads and high quality traffic. We work with all major social media plattforms and can help with all parts of your ad campaign, from planning to testing and optimizing.

Data analysis and tracking

Collect the right data, leverage it and make smart decisions.

Consulting and advising

Get a sparring partner, learn new skills and get up to speed with the latest industry trends.

International marketing

Get help with your marketing campaigns when you branch out abroad!

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Guest Book

Discover how we’ve helped some companies!

Singlot has helped me maximize my results and to take advantage of the available possibilities for advertising, optimization and adjusting my ads. We have had regularly reporting meetings and contact, and thanks to Singlot I have not had to worry about my marketing, and rather focus on other aspects of my business. The collaboration with Singlot has provided a huge value for my business and helped me reach many more potential clients.

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