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09/01/2020 | by Singlot
What we learnt from the pandemic

COVID-19 has shaken the world and we’re all trying to deal with it the best possible way. Everyone has been affected in one way or another and unfortunately there are many who have lost loved ones. However, this post is not about how terrible everything is, but what we have learnt from such an anomalous situation.

If you prefer it, you can watch the video we made about this, right here!

Without being frivolous, there are some good learnings we have taken from such a bleak situation. We’d like to share them with you, as we feel many others will have experienced something similar.

You clean house

The daily grind is something we all are used to and have to deal with. However, when all you have is time to think, you end up doing the things you never had a moment to do.

For us this meant finishing our website once and for all, start creating these videos you guys have been very enthusiastic about and even come up with new products. By doing all this, we hope to be in a better position when the situation goes back to normal.

Having a small structure saved us

We had to reduce our expenses to a minimum. This meant obviously getting rid of the non essentials, as well as some of the essentials. Having such a small structure allowed us to dramatically change our paradigm and continue in business while not having the headaches bigger companies went through.

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You adapt with your customers

As the situation became more difficult for customers, they needed to reassess their priorities. As a result we’ve experienced a huge decrease in the advertising budgets which in turn affects us. However, this situation has allowed us to evolve and adapt to a changing reality. So we have helped our customers in many more different ways that we expected.

We, the mentors

The most evident way we have helped our customers is by being a mentoring figure rather than their online marketing partner. We have shifted a part of our business towards helping the internal teams come up with new products, concepts and ideas to try to deal with this situation. We feel that has opened new opportunities for us once this is over.

Knowledge others value

We all have attended webinars, Zoom meetings and so on so it may come as no surprise, we’ve also been approached by learning platforms and universities as guest teachers. The opportunities are endless and we’ll continue to divulge our knowledge once the pandemic is over.

Physical contact was never that important

This one is funny, as we live in Norway where distances can be enormous at times. However, a common denominator in our way of doing business was having physical meetings to present a proposal, reporting, a pitch… and while it’s true that human touch can really benefit you, technology has allowed us to keep our business running without having to be present at a customer’s office. The flexibility a tool like Zoom gives you is something we value big time.

The new normality

It’s obvious this pandemic sucks and we don’t mean to say it brought anything positive to our lives. However, some of the things we have had to adapt to can actually be quite useful and quite valuable.

These lessons are very valuable for us in our company as they have allowed us to move in a different way to try and overcome such a challenging scenario. The job is not done of course, but we understand ourselves better than ever and if anything, we are thankful to be able to keep up!

Thanks for reading!