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09/22/2020 | by Singlot
How to do marketing when you are a beginner

These days many employees all of a sudden are responsible for doing marketing as their company has reduced time with their marketing agency in order to save money. Many of them have never done marketing before, and this can therefore be a daunting and scary task. Are you one of these people? You are not alone, and there is luckily plenty of helpful information out there to help you.

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Every day I work with companies take their data driven marketing to new levels, and create value in all parts of the customer journey. One of the most common issues I see is marketers struggling with time management, and knowing where to spend their time and marketing budgets. Therefore, I have created a list of my top tips for how you can boost your marketing results and create customer value without wasting time.

  1. Create “evergreen” campaigns
  2. Use existing an user-generated content
  3. Collect all your data in one reporting tool
  4. Track and tag your data correctly
  5. Automate as much as you can

Evergreen campaigns

It takes time to create new, time-sensitive campaigns all the time. Instead, focus on a few, properly relevant and value-bringing campaigns that can be used on multiple platforms over a longer period of time. For instance, instead of focusing on back to school campaigns, create content about weekend activities with kids, which can be used throughout the year.

Use existing content

Did your company recently run a successful campaign with great results? Chances are you can reuse this content with just a few adjustments. Or you can use content created by your users, which you can find on Facebook or Instagram. What about also running a competition encouraging users to post and tag your content?

Collect all your data in one reporting tool

How can you make decisions about your data if you don’t know which campaigns worked well and not? In order to have a good overview of which parts of your marketing work the best, and are worth focusing more on, you will need to collect all the data from your various sources into one reporting tool. Google Datastudio is a great tool for this, but you can also find other options out there.

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Tag and track your traffic correctly

Like mentioned above, you will need to know how your campaigns performed before making marketing decisions for the future. One of the best ways to tag your incoming traffic is to use UTM-codes and tracking pixels. We have many videos on our Instagram and YouTube talking about how you can use both of these, and I recommend you check some of those out if you would like to learn more.

Automate when possible

Using automated campaigns is a surprisingly efficient way to both create personalized content for your customers, while at the same time save plenty of time. You can for instance create remarketing campaigns for your website visitors, or send automated newsletters with product recommendations to your best customers. The opportunities are endless!

Was this helpful? We post videos every week on our Instagram and YouTube with tips and tricks for marketers who want to learn more and improve their results. Feel free to follow us on those channels to not miss out on videos! Also, we offer free mentoring for people who would like personalized advice on how to get started, or improve their marketing. Would you like to try out this service? In that case, fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Remember, marketing can seem difficult in the beginning, but will get easier as you learn more. We believe in you, and wish you best of luck!