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10/07/2020 | by Singlot
Online marketing Pro tips and tricks

We started a business in order to help other companies with their online marketing. After four years, we’ve helped a lot of people reach their goals and that has been very rewarding. This post aims at helping you, who may be starting in the online marketing business and may be a bit lost. We made a video you can check out if you want a more visual way to learn below!

We have 28 pro tips for you so are you ready?

1. Snapchat

Same format as IGS

When running Snapchat ads, remember you can reuse that content for your Instagram Stories. That format is a vertical one or 9:16.

Use sound in the ads

Users in Snapchat tend use the platform with sound, so make the most of it. If you’re running ads, run them with sound.

You can overlay text

Snapchat allows you to overlay text on the ads much more than Instagram. So if you want to say something that is not in the video, you can do it.

Leave space top and bottom

It’s recommended to leave a space in the top and bottom thirds of the ad without any text. Due to the way the ad looks, if you add any text it won’t be legible.

High funnel

Snapchat is pushing for more conversion-based products. However, it’s safe to say it’s still a high-funnel platform. You can use it to get cheap traffic and loads of video views.

Traffic can be lower quality

Getting cheap traffic however, means the users who land in your site, spend less time than you’d like, so take that into account.

Don’t use preload

Snapchat has an option that sounds amazing but in reality does not work well. We’re talking about the preload feature. The idea is to preload the content of your ad in the background so that the user ends up seeing it faster. It sounds cool right? Well in reality, this skewes your data in Analytics by showing you more sessions and users than you actually got.

Build the UTM

UTM codes are essential when dealing with your traffic ads and Snapchat knows it. That’s why they made a UTM builder in their system, but in our experience you should not use it as it gives an incomplete UTM by the time you’re done. Our recommendation is for you to build your UTM yourself.

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2. Facebook

Feed for the win

Whenever you run a campaign, start with the feed. It’s the ideal placement for smartphones, so you’ll maximise your budget.

Same aspect ratio

Instagram feed and facebook feed both use the same aspect ratio, so you can recycle content. Remember it’s a square one or 1:1.

Slightly longer videos

Facebook allows you to run slightly longer videos as ads. We recommend sticking to the suggested length the system provides, but if you can’t Facebook is a bit more forgiving.

Better for adding text in the ad

When you make an ad, you have to write a copy to illustrate it. Facebook is the better place to write cool copies and you can also use the headline and description.

Videos should work without sound

Contrary to Snapchat, Facebook’s user base, don’t have the sound active when using the platform. So your videos should work without sound.


Following the previous point, since people use their Facebook without sound, subtitles become ever more important. If you’re scrolling in silent mode and see a video of someone speaking, there’s a higher chance you’ll check the video if they have subtitles on. So remember to always have subs when someone speaks.

Audience network not too cool

If you don't know what the audience network is, just think of the types of ads you're served when you're playing a mobile game for example. Oftentimes, those ads have no interest or simply are offensive. In this placement, the marketer can’t control where their ads will be served, so be aware of that when selecting it.

Since this post is quite long, we'll split it in two parts, so you can check the second one here!

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