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08/28/2020 | by Singlot
How to rock it as a one-man-marketing team

How many people in your company work with digital marketing, do you know? Due to limited resources and strategic choices, the marketing team in many small and medium businesses consists of maximum 2-3 people. If that’s your case, stick around to learn how to rock it even though your team is just you.

Check out this video, where we explain it in detail.

SMB marketing employees are often responsible for other areas like sales, customer support or even administrative work and may have to juggle responsibilities from defending marketing budgets to answering customer calls, or organizing events. This would be challenging for the best of us, and we're always amazed to see the amount of one-man marketing teams out there, because there are a lot!

We are not saying that one-man-shows are necessarily negative, as we have seen amazing examples of one-man marketing teams achieving great results. But we also see that there are some limitations and for sure challenges that make their job a bit more difficult. Here are the top 3 challenges for one-man marketing teams, according to our experience:

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Despite the challenges, you got this!


Time is the top problem many struggle with. You may have all the right skills and intentions, but time is simply stretched too thin. This can have many consequences, but the biggest danger is that you rely on "evergreen" content instead of timely messages relevant for the moment. Also, it can affect your campaigns as you don't have time to keep a constant eye on them. The best solution is often to set a clear strategy with specific goals, and improve on data tracking, to help you prioritize your valuable time.

Keeping up to date

When you have a million things on your plate it can be difficult to keep up with new products and trends, and feel better to stick with what has worked before. This can be comforting in the moment, but when major changes ultimately arrive, you may be unprepared for these. Social media is brutal in that it constantly evolves, and you will have to keep up. We find that signing up for relevant newsletters and social media accounts can be a nice way to receive curated updates directly to your inbox. 
Our favorites are the newsletters from Social Media Examiner, and Ingager.


Often, one-man marketing teams are left alone to the job, without anyone else to brainstorm ideas with. Many of us have the luxury of sparring with others during creative processes, but this can be tricky if you're left alone to the role. This can sometimes lead to always creating content within the same framework, as you don't have anyone challenging your ideas. Our solution is almost always to find someone external within the marketing world to help us brainstorm, whether it is a former colleague, someone from our network, or another agency

We have seen countless one-man marketing teams having to juggle the responsibility, and experiences first-hand the frustrations many of these people have. We wanted to help, and therefore created our speed coaching service, for all of you who are missing a sparring partner for your digital marketing. It's a free service where you can use us to answer any questions about your marketing or strategy, learn about new products, bounce off ideas for content or even just vent frustrations. We love to answer all your questions, and even though we can't solve all your problems, our goal is to help you feel more confident and prepared in your marketing decisions.

If you feel like this service could help you, leave your details in the form on this page, and we will get back to you!

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