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09/22/2020 | by Singlot
How to get started with A/B testing

These days many people who have never had to run digital marketing campaigns find themselves being responsible for exactly that. The reason is often that their company moved marketing in-house due to budget constraints, and the responsibility handed to someone internally. But what happens if the employee doesn’t have much experience nor time for replicating the same results as a full marketing team in an agency can provide? We’ve set together our top tips to get started with marketing, and what mistakes to avoid.

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Let's talk about how you can get started with AB-testing your social media campaigns. “What is AB-testing?” you may ask. Simply put, it is testing multiple audiences, videos, ad messaging and so forth, in order to allocate your budgets towards the most efficient campaigns. It can be super valuable, but many people are not using AB testing correctly, and end up wasting budgets.

Here are some quick tips on how to get started with AB testing:

Keep it simple

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when starting AB-testing. Therefore, try to test only one feature at the time. A smart move might be to test a few different ad texts, or two different audiences. Should you feel more confident, you could also test promoting multiple selling points/benefits towards the same audiences. Always remember to keep the customer in focus, and that your purpose is to create relevant and provide as much value for the customer as possible.

Start small, then scale

A major benefit of AB testing is that you can test multiple campaigns using small budgets, and then allocate budgets only to the most successful ones. This is a long way from traditional campaigns where you had to choose one campaign, audience and ad and stick with it, not being able to easily test what works in advance.

Set aside testing budgets

Testing does require budgets, and it’s a good idea to set aside some “disposable” budgets for testing in addition to the campaign budget. This is because you will always risk that parts of the AB-test are not successful. The problem is, you will not know what works until you’ve run the campaign.

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Don’t stop at social media

AB-tests can be performed on a myriad of marketing platforms, from newsletters to landing pages. You can test everything from messaging, timing between newsletters, background color of the landing page, and plenty more factors. Great marketers know how to apply AB testing throughout all their marketing, because they know both their customers and budgets will benefit from this.

Wehope these tips were useful and will help you take your marketing to a new level. We often see frustrated employees needing help with their marketing, but without budgets for hiring agencies it may seem difficult to know where to start. We believe that anyone can become a great marketer with the right guidance. Therefore we have developed a series of blog posts outlining the most common questions and mistakes among new marketers, and tried to give as much advice as possible. If you would like to see more of our other tips on how to avoid common mistakes, you can read our other blog posts here.

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