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05/27/2020 | by Singlot
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Best chrome extensions for marketers

Life as an online marketer revolves around tools, software and interfaces. And despite the fact that there are similarities between all these elements, we’re always looking for ways to make our workflow smoother and our jobs easier. As a result there has been a boom in the amount of new software that answers a specific question users may have.

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Before starting, we’d like to point out that these extensions are Chrome. If you use any other browser, you will have to do some research and see what is available.

Finally, all the extensions can be found in the Chrome web store.

We’ve divided the extensions into three categories:

  • General extensions
  • Social media tracking extensions
  • Extensions for Google tools

In the general extension section we have two chrome extensions:

  1. Google Tag assistant. Google Tag assistant is essential when it comes to checking a website’s google-related tracking. You’ll be able to see if there’s a Google Analytics code, a tag manager code or a Google Ads one. It is super useful, since it will also tell you whether or not the codes are functioning correctly.
  2. Page analytics by Google. This extension is also pretty useful if you’re a Google Analytics geek and want to monitor the traffic at all times. What this extension does is simply show you some metrics on top of your site, so that you can monitor in real time what’s going on. We always recommend checking the proper Analytics interface for more detail and fine tuning.

In the second section we can find all the tracking extensions for our social media platforms. In essence all these extensions work similarly, allowing you to see if your pixels are implemented correctly and working. Pretty much all platforms will have a pixel helper extension, so a bit of googling will get you there.

Remember that in order to get the most of these pixels, you should go to each platform’s interface for more control and detail.

  1. Facebook pixel helper
  2. Snapchat pixel helper
  3. Twitter pixel helper
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Finally, in the third category we have the extensions we use in conjunction with Google Tag Manager. This section may not apply to you if you don’t use this tool, but if that is your case, we think you’ll find them useful.

  1. DaVinci tools: This is a multi-feature tool that allows you to do many things. For our purposes we use the free features that come by default with the extension, but you can customise it as you see fit. One of the neatest things it allows you to do is block your IP so that when you’re checking your website, Google Analytics does not track you giving you scewerd data.
  2. Google Tag manager copy paste: This extension created by measureschool comes in handy when you’re dealing with multiple GTM environments. What it does is allow you to copy tags, triggers and variables from an environment to a different one. This is particularly useful when you can replicate certain elements for a new client. That way you don’t have to remember how you did certain things.
  3. Google Tag Manager code editor: This final extension is great when it comes to editing HTML code inside Tag Manager. It makes the editor dark, so you can read the code much more easily and it highlights all the elements that make the code.

That’s our list! As you see it’s not very extensive but it covers a lot of what we do and helps us do it faster and more efficiently. We’re always scouring the web for more tools and better ways, so this list may vary in the future.

Thanks for reading!