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06/24/2020 | by Singlot
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Why you should advertise on Snapchat

We are often asked a recurrent question: where should I advertise? Normally it is our customers who ask this and they wonder if they should be in every social media platform or not.

We tend to answer the same: there’s no right or wrong answer. The only thing you can do is adjust your strategy and test. If a platform works for you, then keep at it.

In the case of Snapchat, the same applies but if you’re not sure why you should advertise on it, you should keep reading.

Alternatively, you can check our video covering this very topic right below!

Check your data first

It is key to stress the importance of data when making any decision. When it comes to advertising in a new platform there are several things you should take into account:

  1. Your strategy: is advertising on Snapchat something you could fit it in your strategy? Is there space for it? These are important questions you need to answer before jumping in.
  2. Market benchmarks: you need to know with some degree of certainty, what to expect from the platform. How big is the user base? Is it cheap to advertise on it? Is it a mature platform or is it up and coming?
  3. Data from your tests: If you’ve decided you want to advertise on Snapchat, we recommend testing some ads first to get a feel for the platform. Once you’ve done it, try to get all the data you can about the results. That will give you better insight and will help you decide better.

Great for awareness

In the case of Snapchat, it is fair to say it has traditionally been great for reaching the user at an early stage of the customer journey. This platform has typically been very effective when it comes to awareness, engagement and video views campaigns, due to the visual design as well as the way it’s used.As a result, Snapchat is great when you want to generate attention for your product and kickstart the purchase process. If you can fit this into your strategy, you may be surprised by the results.

Focus on your market

This seems quite evident, but if Snapchat is not a big reality in your market, you should not use it. This is true for all platforms of course. However, since we are based in Norway and work with norwegian customers for the most part, it makes sense to invest in this platform.Once you’ve established the platform is for you, try to read case studies that are relevant for you and benchmarks to see what you can expect from it.

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Why should you choose to advertise on Snapchat?

Test, test, test

If you’ve made up your mind about advertising on Snapchat, we cannot recommend you enough to start running ads and play with it for a while. Social media platforms work on that basis and it is important to evaluate what you’re doing, since you can’t know beforehand.

Have an open mind and try different options until you find the right solution that yields the biggest results. Remember, this is a marathon so you’re in for the long run, so don’t get complacent and stick to what you know, sooner or later that will change.

We hope to have shed a bit more light into this subject. Be sure to check our blog post and our social media channels, as we’ll continue to talk more about these and other topics.

Thanks for reading!