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Gravity Sports

Singlot was instrumental in our digital marketing. Not only are they experienced and talented, but they proved having a proper strategy pays off.
Vivian Grüner - Daily manager at Gravity Sports
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Gravity Sports is an indoors trampoline park that launched in 2017 and understood very quickly that their target audience was in Social media. Through a combination of constant organic and advertising efforts, this business grew to the point of opening a second park.

This digital-first approach with the help of some specific traditional campaigns, allowed the business to not only be present for those who make their core audience, as well as their peripheral ones, who at times were almost as relevant.

As the needs have evolved, so have we and more platforms have been added to the mix, with the objective of capturing the potential customer at any part on their journey.

What we did

Early on the project needed to have all the platforms, interfaces and accesses ready and we helped in that front. However, our job was just starting as we also put all the tracking in place so as to capture as much information as possible from every visitor to the site.

When it comes to the advertising side of things, we have done so many cool things! Our primary focus has been to generate hype so that the potential customers got excited and wanted to come to the park. To that effect, we run lots of videos, combining professionally created content, with user-generated footage. This approach allowed potential customers to see themselves jumping and enjoying in the park and the results showed the success of that strategy. We saw upwards of 150% more engagement in user-generated content.

As the businesses’ needs grew, so did the number of platforms we were present in. Snapchat became a major player, as the core audience uses this social media a lot. We run lots of videos, traffic campaigns and we even made a geo-filter when specific events took place in the park.

Google ads also became important in the strategy. We mainly run search campaigns, trying to focus on the elements that led to a search. We combined this with broader search words, so that we could be present at many different points in the customer journey.


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