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iTec AS

Singlot helped us build and implement a great strategy for both our digital and traditional marketing. Thanks to their help we have seen an increased visibility and our content is much better quality.
Ove Haugen, CEO at iTec AS
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iTec AS wanted to be more visible online in order to adapt their business to nowadays day and age. They are an industry leader in the heavy machinery sector, but their approach to communication had always been more traditional. They got in touch with us, in order to boost their online presence.

What we did

Since we had a blank canvas, we were able to build a lot of tools, create the interfaces and establish all the processes. That way their internal communications team were able to start working.
Even though our role was much more a consulting one, we were also pretty operative and involved in the creation and running of specific campaigns. Events like fairs, conferences and so forth were always supported with campaigns to raise awareness. This was combined with always-on Google search campaigns to make sure to reach the customer at all times.

We were also quite focused on collecting data and generating diverse audiences aimed at collecting leads through their Newsletter and boost their traffic.

Finally, we trained iTec's internal sales team to collect and upload all the content they generated while doing their jobs. Taking pictures with customers, behind the scenes videos and other ideas were used both organically as well as in specific paid campaigns.


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