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Frisk uten sukker

In our experience Singlot were very service minded and great sparring partners for our company. Helene was quick at answering our questions, and available whenever we needed changes to the campaigns. They were quick at advising on how the changes could be implemented in the best way, and also provided their own recommendations for improvements such as testing new campaigns. Singlot managed to very quickly decrease our lead prices and increase the amount of leads. All in all we are very happy with the work Singlot provided to us.

Bente Josefsen - CEO at Frisk uten sukker
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Frisk uten sukker is a company with an important purpose: to help the Norwegian population kick their sugar addiction (25% of the adult population is estimated to be addicted to sugar!) through both providing classes for the general population and working with politicians and supermarket chains to lower the amount of added sugars in our food. Their goal with Facebook ads was sign ups to their program where they help people kick their sugar addiction and live a healthier lifestyle. They specifically wanted more sign ups for a free mini course, downloads of a recipe ebook, and sign ups for webinars. These leads then pass through their automated email flows to heat up further before converting. They had already tested Facebook ads extensively, but were noticing an increase in lead prices.

What we did

As the objective was various types of leads, it was natural to test lead campaigns. We tested both Facebook lead forms which sent users directly to the clients’ CMS and traffic to landing pages on their website. Collecting leads directly on Facebook proved to be over 50% cheaper than on their website, so we shifted budgets and focused 100% to on-Facebook lead. In addition, we cleaned up their Facebook tracking and added the API conversion.


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