Last week we were in Ballstad, in the Lofoten islands. You may have heard about its breathtaking landscapes, northern lights and midnight sun, but anything we could say would not make it justice! We strongly recommend you go because chances are, you haven’t seen anything like it!

Trust your partners
The northern lights in Lofoten

We were invited by our new customer Hemmingodden fishing Lodge and the experience was incredible. Lofoten is not only a beautiful part of the world, but also hosts some of the more entrepreneurial-minded folk we’ve ever seen. People are truly committed to the region and have developed plenty of ways to make business.

Typically we would have worked remotely (due to the distance), but it makes the process a bit more challenging. However, we got an email that really surprised us. It asked us if we could take a plane and come all the way up north on a week’s notice…and so we did!

As marketers we need to know our customers’ business and goals, so that we can come up with a working strategy that yields the best results possible. Despite all the technological advances, there’s no better way to do that, than experiencing it first hand. So for a whole week, we got to experience what Lofoten has to offer: we stayed in a rorbu, went fishing (unsuccessfully), hiked and tasted the most amazing food. Check our Instagram profile to see all the whole experience!

Any relation between parties, needs to develop trust, especially those new ones. In this case, the only contact we all had (prior to our visit) was a Skype call. Sometimes, that can be enough but for businesses that are so distant from one another, meeting in the flesh, adds an invaluable extra element. The effort of going all the way to the north paid off, since we all know each other much better.

We are now in a better place because a couple of clever entrepreneurs asked us if we wanted to improvise!

Thanks for reading!