"We had advertised on Facebook in the past, but working with real experts has allowed us to see what the possibilities truly are!"

Hilde Huus-Hansen - Owner of Tinting Guesthouse

Right product to the right audience

Generating brand recognition and qualitative traffic

The customer

Tinting Guesthouse is a small, cozy hotel on the coast of Senegal. They offer customers a large variety of activities, from yoga courses on the beach to learning how to play the Djembé. For quite some time they ran campaigns to increase traffic to their website and boost reservations. However, they were struggling to reach the right people, and asked Singlot for help. Their customers mainly come from Norway, and as such they were looking to improve both their brand awareness and attract new customers.

We come in

Our strategy was to focus on generating as much quality traffic as possible from their relevant target audience in order to boost sales. We started by creating Video Ads that showcased the many different courses Tinting Guesthouse has to offer. Using Custom Audiences from people who watched the videos, we were able to retarget high value users with a specific offer. This proved to be highly effective as both the amount of clicks and engagement increased.


Since we started working with Tinting, they have seen a great improvement in their results. The average cost per video view was just 0.13 NOK, and through our campaigns we increased the number of video views a whopping 303%. When it comes to traffic, the amount of clicks increased by 188%. This amazing number was achieved in part due to the increase in both reach and impressions. We reached 254% more people and impacted 39% more audience.

0,13 NOK (0,01€)

Cost per Video View


Increase of Video Views


Increase in Clicks


Increase reach

The Ads

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