"We are very happy with the help we received from Singlot. We wished to test campaigns on social media compared to traditional media"

Magnus McCay from Stavern Kunst og Kultur

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Stavern Kunst og Kultur

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Stavern kunst og kultur (Stavern art and culture) is an organization run by local enthusiasts working to keep Stavern important for production and exposition of art. They represent the interests of the artists working and presenting their art in various galleries around Stavern. The organization also works to increase people’s interest and awareness, and increase visitor numbers. There are two main art events happening each year in Stavern – one week of expositions each Easter and fall. In 2016, the Easter exhibitions attracted more than 30 000 visitors, an impressing number for a city with around 6000 inhabitants.
Stavern kunst og kultur had previously invested in both digital and traditional advertisements, and were happy with the results they had achieved. However, they wished to use their limited marketing budget in a more efficient way, The objective was to increase visibility and engagement around the two annual art events, as well as increasing the number of visitors.

Singlot comes in

"We discovered that our target group both engaged through the campaigns and visited the exhibitions, and our marketing budget was invested much more efficiently than our normal investments in traditional media" - Magnus McCay from Stavern Kunst og Kultur

Singlot worked closely with the organization to increase visibility and visitor numbers for the Easter exhibitions in 2017, through campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. They also worked closely with the artists, among others by holding 3 social media courses/workshops. As a result of the workshops, many of the artists provided high quality creative (photos and videos) to be used throughout the campaign period. In addition, the organization created and implemented a strategy for their organic content on social media, and the artists contributed with content displaying their art - and by keeping conversations with the followers. The effort from the organization, as well as increased followers as a result of the campaigns, lead to a high organic engagement and visibility until the next exhibitions in the fall.


The results exceeded all expectations, thanks to good content from the organization, as well as close monitoring and optimization of the ad campaigns by Singlot. The amount of followers on Facebook increased by 129%, and the page received 5 unpaid followers for each 10 follower from the campaign. The organic reach on Facebook increased 7.7x, and the campaigns received a total of 55,404 results (clicks, video view, likes and/or shares). Thanks to good targeting and engaging content, the price per video view was on average only 0.07NOK (0.007€). Before the collaboration with Singlot, the organization worried that they would not reach large parts of their core audience, which were people above the age of 65. The campaign not only impacted a high amount of people above 65 years old, but also proved that this audience had high engagement rates across social media.

"The workshops with the artists were a great move, and increased their knowledge and quality of content. We are also very satisfied with the detailed reports from Singlot, which will help us plan for future campaigns. We are looking forward to future campaigns and further testing with social media" - Magnus McCay from Stavern Kunst og Kultur


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