New social media platforms seem to inevitably be bound to expand their original idea into the online marketing world. As online advertisers, this is great news, since the opportunities to grow our business increases. However, as an end customer, it is also quite an advantage to be able to reach newer more engaging audiences.

This is precisely this blog’s post’s case. Snapchat is a very popular platform, especially amongst younger audiences and despite a rough patch a few months ago, it continues to be relevant. We are a Norwegian company and if the reader has spent some time here, they will have noticed teenagers now communicate through it. In order to show this, here’s an image of the use of Snapchat made by Ipsos!

How to start with Snapchat ads - 0
Snapchat in Norway Q1 2018

Underdog years

Snapchat is already 7 years old and things have changed dramatically. In a world where online companies are so much under scrutiny, the premise Snapchat brought forth was quite appealing -clips have a limited lifespan before being deleted– so appealing in fact, that some of the bigger competitors saw the opportunity to improve theirs. The most notorious case of “feature adoption” happened when Facebook and Instagram started their “Stories”, which Snapchat had way before. Needless to say, Instagram Stories have grown enormously surpassing the original counterpart, thanks to Facebook’s impulse.

However, in the end the user can benefit from different platforms that though similar, have their specific niche. On top of that, as advertisers, we can now leverage those new placements for our businesses. The yellow ghost has evolved into a very cool advertising platform. In this blog post, we’ll go through some of the cool features you have if you choose to advertise on this engaging platform.

Do it yourself

As many platforms before it, Snapchat is now on a Self-serve method for the vast majority of advertisers who choose it. The biggest brands are for sure being taken care by someone in-house, but for the rest of us mortals, the only option we have is to do it ourselves. That has traditionally been a problem, but Snapchat now has more experienced advertisers, which means the process is rather pleasant.

After you’ve created an advertiser account you’ll be accessing Snapchat’s Ads Manager, where you can interact with endless options. I won’t go into the specifics of each one, as they’re quite self-explanatory, but I’ll focus on the campaign creation instead.


How to start with Snapchat ads - 1
Snapchat ads manager

If you’re familiar with other advertising platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, it’s quite obvious this one won’t catch you as a big surprise. However, that’s a positive side of Snapchat, since it allows for quicker adoption for new advertisers.

Start Creating Ads

So, as in all the other platforms, you start by selecting your campaign objective, which will also determine what type of ads you can run. For this example, we’ve selected to grow awareness. In this first screenshot, you’ll see the campaign name, how to schedule it and the budget cap.

How to start with Snapchat ads - 2
Creating ads in Snapchat

After selecting what you’re interested in, it’s the turn of creating an ad set, where you’ll select the type of creative you want, the location, targeting elements and budget of course. You can follow along in this screencast we’ve recorded for the blog post.

After all that, you need to start your creative process! It is up to you (and the creative guidelines) to decide what you want to publish. As a rule of thumb, it’s always about conveying who you are and what you do, but as with any other social platforms, testing will be key. For the sake of demonstration, this is our ad!

This sort of wraps this blog up and I’m deliberate about saying “sort of” because in a future one, we’ll expand upon some of the other cool features we have as advertisers. We’re talking about geo-filters, lenses and so forth, so stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, feel free to hit us up if you have any question about this or any other platform. We’re always happy to talk!


Thanks for reading us and til the next one! 😉