"We are very pleased with the help from Singlot and Line, and saw improvement in both visibility and sales! We definitely see the value of combining engaging content and investing in advertising on social media, and will focus on producing good content in the future"

Eirik Lerberg - Daily manager at Rypetoppen Adventurepark

Boosting Visibility

Generating sales

Rypetoppen Adventurepark

The customer

Norwegians love outdoor activities, regardless of the weather. Growing up in sunny Barcelona, I always thought of this statement as a cliché, but after moving to Norway I discovered it is completely true! As Norway is not exactly known for its tropical weather, I still wonder why Norwegians are so keen to challenge the elements just to spend some time outdoors. When I ask people here, the answer I always receive is something like: “well, if we stayed home every time it rains, we’d be stuck at home for at least 9 months of the year”. Thinking like this is why places like Rypetoppen Activity Park can stay open almost all year, despite being situated deep in a forest, and offering mainly outdoor activities.

Rypetoppen is an outdoor activity park in Nord-Trøndelag, offering an array of thrilling activities, from challenging obstacle courses with hurdles for all ages, to canoeing, and sleepover in lavvos. They had in the past struggled to establish a long term content and marketing strategy, and felt their marketing efforts were too short term focused. Therefore, they asked one of our partners, Line Dobrowen, and her amazing company Line Dobrowen Din Virtuelle Assistent (www.dinva.no) to help boost their organic presence. She had been running Rypetoppen’s organic Social Media for a while, when she started looking for a performance marketing agency to run and optimize their campaigns. We agreed on the project and started working!

We come in

The founders behind Rypetoppen, Stig and Håvard, had two main objectives - to promote a new product, a sleepover in a tent hooked to a vertical mountain wall - and to increase sales of day & group passes in what is normally a quiet period between the summer and autumn break. We designed the campaigns to reflect their objectives, and optimized towards visibility and sales. Their audience ranged from young to old - and as users were continuously encouraged to check in and tag photos from the park - we had a large library of user generated content from a highly engaged audience at our disposal. Before launching the campaigns we also placed all the necessary tracking tools on the customer’s website. We always recommend to place the Facebook pixel - whether you plan to advertise or not - to start collecting relevant information from day one.

Read more about tracking here!

The campaigns

In order to capture new audiences and expand visibility for Rypetoppen, we used a combination of interesting videos and retargeting of engaged users. This allowed us to drive users down the conversion funnel, and through stronger and stronger sales messaging we could drive quality traffic of interested users to the home page. Thanks to the combined effort by Line and Rypetoppen, we collected several videos from users, in addition to drone shots promoting the new “mountain wall sleepover”. The drone shots performed really well, and we’re not surprised - who wouldn’t want to sleepover in a mountain side after seeing this? Combined with a 360 degree shot from the tent itself, the product received a standing ovation from the audience.

As the campaign progressed, we received further video content. One of the visitors to the park recorded some amazing footage using a GoPro camera and Line edited the video out to make it look great! In the clip you can see many of the activities to do from a user’s point of view. This video was even more engaging, as people felt they were part of the obstacle course even from home! You can see the video here:

Our other main focus was to drive traffic to Rypetoppen’s website, since the bookings have to be done there. Thanks to the tracking tools, we were able to start creating Custom and Lookalike audiences, based primarily on highly interested viewers of the videos. Using audiences who have already interacted with a video generally increases the chances of a click, as you show relevant content to someone already aware of your brand. In terms of timing, we kept time interval between showing the audience the video and traffic campaigns short in order to ensure we were impacting the audience in a sensible time frame. We are “bombarded” with so many different ads on a daily basis that if you wait too long with step 2, users may not remember having seen your first ad at all.

The format we chose for the ads was the carousel, since it gives us more versatility when directing the user to a specific landing page. It’s also worth mentioning we were especially determined to find the best copy and images, as the length of the campaigns was quite limited. That’s why we A/B tested all our campaigns in order to find the best performing ads of the bunch. It was also interesting to note that visibility on Instagram had to be pushed a little extra from our side - as the system quickly noticed clicks on Instagram were more expensive than Facebook. Traffic campaigns are often more expensive on Instagram, though the channel is great for gathering engagement through pictures and videos.


We achieved great results in the period of time we were running and optimizing campaigns. Some of the general metrics were quite impressive, especially as this was the first time the company had advertised on social media. Generally, it is expected that the first campaign you run will be used to obtain benchmarks for CPCs, CPMs etc for future campaigns. The campaigns received 924,077 impressions over a two month period with a total reach of 238,492, which means a 25.81% of the users we impacted, saw our ads at least once. In a very competitive environment, where advertisers really struggle to show their ads, we’re very pleased with this metric. The CPM was quite low -given the market - at 26,- per 1000 impressions.

More impressive than the previous metric was the rate of unique link clicks we generated. Mind you the total amount of clicks generated was 3463. These clicks include any type of clicks on the ad (link, logo, “read more”, etc). Of these, 2774 were link clicks, a whopping 80.10% unique link click to clicks ratio. To top it all off, the unique link CTR was 1.95%. We attribute these great results to a combination of great visuals and engaging ad formats, in addition to thorough AB testing.

In terms of awareness, we increased the visibility of the company substantially achieving an impressive 150,451 video views at an average cost of 0,07,- per video view. Above all, the fantastic community management work by Line helped solidify a successful relationship with the targeted users and the business. Countless times have we seen great campaigns die off by a lack of following by brands, and we were happy to see this was not the case for Rypetoppen. They understood early on (thanks to great advice from Line) the importance of combining campaigns and community management.




Video Views


Link clicks


Average CTR

The Ads


Having worked on Rypetoppen’s campaigns has been both a pleasure and great teaching exercise. After the campaigns, we reported the results back to Rypetoppen, who saw the importance of having both an ongoing marketing plan - and to combine marketing and community management on social media. From Singlot’s point of view, working with a great partner reminded us of the importance of having a good network of talented people, to be able to offer customers tailored solutions to cover more of their needs. Who you choose work with to provide the best solutions is critical, and at Singlot we’re proud to work with like-minded people!

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