"The sessions with Singlot were truly useful to understand how to extract all the juice from Facebook. We’ve learned about a lot of useful stuff that we can’t wait to use in the future!"

Nils Fredrik Lysebo - Communication Manager for Larvik Kommune

Sharing our knowledge

Coaching sessions to get the most out of Facebook

The customer

Larvik Kommune has used Facebook for several years to inform their citizens about news and events, as well as to attract people to move to Larvik. They understand that this platform is a powerful way of showing what Larvik has to offer, both due to the use of visual creatives and powerful targeting. They began creating a Facebook page which they updated regularly. However, they realized that Larvik Kommune could benefit from investing more in the platform, so they started running ads on a regular basis. This growth strategy yielded good results, but required more time and effort. Furthermore, they were struggling to reach enough people interested in moving to Larvik. The Communications Manager for Larvik Kommune, Nils Fredrik Lysebo, felt that he was not able to access the full potential of the platform, and therefore asked Singlot for advice on how to use advanced Facebook tools to save time, while retaining the good results.

We come in

After meeting with Nils, we saw that he already had a good understanding how to set up campaigns and analyzing the results. We discovered that the majority of Larvik Kommune campaigns were created using the “Promote this post” option, which is a simple and uncomplicated option. However, it is not designed to run more advanced campaigns. To help them get started on advanced tools, we gave the Communications team at Larvik Kommune a few coaching sessions on how to use Ads Manager and Power Editor, as well as other advanced tools such as Facebook Pixel and custom audiences. Needless to say, when the team saw everything that could be achieved with Facebook, this was very inspirational and made them think of how they could implement the concepts they had just learned. Another big part of the sessions was devoted to Business Manager; since Larvik Kommune needed a unified interface where the whole team could access the pages and the Ad account. Immediately after our session, they set up their Business Manager and have been very happy with this change.

At Singlot we are very happy to have helped those who needed help with a specific aspect or problem. We can be a guiding hand both for those who are relatively new to social media and to those who have a good understanding of Facebook and the possibilities it has to offer.

A few examples

You can visit the Larvik Kommune Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Larvikkommune/

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