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Hemmingodden Lofoten Fishing Lodge

The collaboration with Singlot has taught us how incredibly important it is to have good and engaging content on social media. Both Helene and Miguel are skilled and structured - and they have a lot of knowledge about SoMe. Since we started the collaboration with Singlot, we have had increased interest and sales.
Trond-Ketil Nilsen - General manager at Hemmingodden
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Hemmingodden are a business located in beautiful Ballstad in the Lofoten islands. Their customers come from all over the world, to experience the lifestyle, the nature, the great food and of course fishing. However, they are in pursuit of something more and want to differentiate from the competition, by offering a more genuine and memorable experience. In order to do that, they leverage digital marketing and careful planning.

What we did

We started with a strategy redefinition -what was the objective- as well as a search word analysis, in order to understand what users are searching for when before landing in their website. We also created several different tools, to put all the ideas into action.

Advertising is a major player in the strategy and combining always-on campaigns with topic-based ones, we make sure to cover all the relevant audiences.

Video is fundamental in this process, so we use customer-generated footage to run different ads across all the relevant Social media platforms. However, we need to be present at every stage of the customer's journey, so Google search campaigns are also key to reach the customer at the right moment.

In order to further boost Hemmingodden's presence and results a new website was required together with a new booking system that made the purchase process seamless. We partnered with Liquid Studio in Barcelona and they managed to give a design overhaul as well as a technology one. The website is now looking better than ever and it has a booking system that is quite unique and highly functional.


Check out those metrics!

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34.000 sessions in the website
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