"Singlot not only helped increase our online visibility and lead generation through video campaings but also boosted our fan page. They have greatly increased traffic and volume of registrations without a large investment. They have a proactive team and their communication is top notch"

Aleix Sala from Dietaris

Using Facebook to generate quality traffic

Increasing leads and fans


The Customer

Dietaris is a company based in lovely Barcelona with a very clear mission. They help users lose some weight in a healthy way. In order to do it, they’ve developed a very cool concept in which you are in touch with a nutrition specialist on a for up to 9 weeks. On top of that, they provide users with different and fun recipes that help you escape the Diet boredom.
Every user has a panel in which you can monitor your weight loss in a very visual way and they’ve also developed an app to do this on the move.

In the past Dietaris have done some advertising, mainly using Google Adwords. However, their experience was not pleasant, since the giant’s policies are quite restrictive, resulting in their ads not being shown.

At that point we came in suggesting Facebook as a way of increasing the engagement with their fans and to generate more traffic and registrations to 9-week program.

Previous background

When it comes to advertising, Facebook has very clear policies regarding many delicate subjects. If you read their rules, you’ll notice that dieting products are not allowed to be advertised, since they define a very specific way of looking that Facebook don’t want to promote. That means that should you want to advertise for a product like Dietaris, you need to be imaginative… and that’s what we did!

Advertising for products or services that are quite restricted is always a challenge, so in order for our ads to be rejected we focused on the Healthy aspect of the Dietaris experience. Our ads were not trying to sell the weight loss, but the monitoring and the nutritionist expertise. That way, Facebook’s censorship system will not be triggered and our ads will be able to run.

We all look for sales, but sometimes you need to build from the ground up to get to where the money is. In that respect, we suggested the use of video campaigns, since they are the most inexpensive way to reach out to a lot of potential customers. So the guys from Dietaris came up with this:

Singlot comes in

After a period of video campaign only and using the pixel, we created a custom audience of those who engaged with the video and re-targeted them. But not only them, we also tracked the traffic and sent a more personalized message to those users who had reached the website.

Working with Dietaris has been an amazing experience, they are a young and engaged company and they always have new ideas to put on the table. The product may be difficult to advertise on social media sometimes, but we hope that with our help, they’ve gather enough inside to keep the good work. Their expansion plans have never looked better!


In the period when the campaigns were active, the number of new registrations increased 7X. Our campaigns not only helped increase the number of new users but also boosted the fan base on Facebook. We gained 280 new fans since we started advertising, without having created like campaigns. As mentioned before, we mainly used video campaigns and we generated an impressive 170048 video views at an average cost of 0.005€ (less than a cent). We also focused on click to website campaigns and generated 5118 clicks at an average price of 0.20€ per click


Video Views


Cost per Video View




Cost per click

The Ads

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