"Having worked with Singlot made me realise how much of an impact what you do online can have on your business"

Karla Kujat - Owner at Casa la Villita

Reaching the relevant audience

Generating massive awareness and traffic

Casa la Villita

The customer

We are no strangers to working with customers in the tourism sector, but it is not every day we get to work in projects that peculiar as Casa la Villita. At the end of the day, have you ever worked with a Canadian person who lives in Norway and whose business is in Mexico? Well, keep reading and we’ll explain how we did it and what we achieved!
This story starts as many others do, with an informal chat. We were giving a speech on Social Media for the Larvik Kommune and one of the leaders mentioned a friend who had a very cool business. We exchanged the details and the rest, as they say, is history.

Casa la Villita is a luxury Villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that offers accommodation for groups of people in an outstanding environment. The Villa is very close to the Pacific Ocean and has all the amenities you may need for a relaxing holiday. Their offer is wide and the Villa adapts to your mood, whether is more laid-back or a more active one.

We come in

When it comes to advertising the business owner Karla, told us they were present in hotel-like portals, since normally that’s how people tend to start narrowing down their choices. However, never before had the business used Social Media as an advertising solution. So when we came in, we shifted the paradigm a little.
For the first time, Casa la Villita was going to have a more proactive approach and was getting out to call for attention.

Our strategy was quite simple and since the source material was so cool we had to show it off! The response to our campaigns was quite extraordinary and quickly we learned that the product was really appealing to Social Media users.

We started with video campaigns, since it is the most cost-effective way of reaching out to a lot of potential customers. The footage comes from a drone that keeps flying over the premises, allowing the user not only to see how the Villa really is, but where it stands. The reactions were phenomenal and the amount of interaction was quite overwhelming.
After that, we launched campaigns to drive traffic to the site. It is there where the customer can see the offer and buy different packages. There’s also all the information regarding the rooms, amenities and so on. Planning holidays is not something the average person does viscerally, so there’s a good amount of thought that goes into it. To us that meant not being too aggressive with the messaging and let the users fall into place.

We had two different target groups: Mexican people planning their holidays and US citizens doing the same. We used interests to narrow down the potential audience given the scale of both markets. We also used the information provided by the pixel to create custom audiences, in separate adsets.

"I think we have a great product and thanks to Singlot we made people aware of it!" - Karla Kujat, Owner at Casa la Villita


The campaign yielded great results. The average cost per video keeps being extremely competitive. The average cost per video view was 0.007$ allowing us to get 110,703 video views.
When it comes to clicks, we managed to get 6.602 clicks at an average cost of 0.13$ per click. The average CPM was 1.25$ and the total impressions was 627,831. Throughout the campaigns we got an average of 2.59% CTR and the frequency was always under control averaging 1.45.
During the campaigns we saw an increase of 108% in new likes, a 116% increase in direct messages and a 185% increase in post engagements.

Having worked with Karla has been very inspiring since she will take our input and think of new ways of getting better results right away. It is very inspiring to see that what we love doing catches on when others see the benefit.




Video Views




Increase on direct Messages

The Ads

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