Digital advertisers have to master so many things when running campaigns for their customers that sometimes, the whole process becomes quickly overwhelming. Traditional agencies have worked under the premise of having plenty of resources to create the necessary content they will later use in advertising campaigns. It’s quite common to have a few graphic designers, video editors and photographers that handle these tasks as part of their daily routine. However, when it comes to smaller companies, that’s not always an option and all of a sudden you’re in charge of everything! From putting in place all the tracking to come up with attractive creatives and a copies that convey your customer’s ideas. Sounds familiar?

Not always what you think

In an ideal world, it is the customer who comes up with their own creative and copies, as it is for sure the safest way to approach an advertising strategy. Who else knows their audience and what they want to say, better than themselves right? Unfortunately, the world is not ideal and often times, we find ourselves having to create an identity on behalf of the customer. Now, that is not always a bad thing, since businesses tend to have a very narrow idea of who they are and what they want to communicate. As advertisers, we can influence their decisions making them realise there’s so much more potential in elements they had not even realised.

B2B is just for men

A great example of that, happened while interacting with one of our first customers. In their case they were selling industrial cleaning products to companies, so we were in B2B territory and as such, the preconceived idea was that only men would react to our ads. Funnily enough, we had to convince the customer to run a series of videos aimed at both genres. The picture below showed us that not only were women equally as interested in the ads as men, but also they were watching the videos for far longer.


Be Creative
Video views were split in this campaign, contrary to what customer’s beliefs.


Mind blown right? Had we followed just the customer’s gut, we would’ve squandered a very valuable information and while all those viewers may not be our end customers, we can build audiences and retarget them so that they become an integral part of our strategy.

To the rescue

Ok, back to the topic of this blog. How do I manage to take on everything my customer wants me to? The straight answer is don’t! Try to bounce back some of those chores, since you may not be as proficient in them and it’s better to say you’re not ready, than to do a lousy job and lose your customer’s trust. However, when that is not an option, you have tools like Facebook’s Creative Hub (FCH).

Setting aside the crappy new hybrid Interface we’re have now (please Facebook fix that), FCH offers each advertiser a great platform to mockup the ads that may potentially become part of your marketing campaigns. Not only that, FCH offers you a very simple way to review the creative specifications without leaving the interface. No more looking for the specs in the help centre, this is much easier.

Facebook Creative Hub

Below we’re showing a clip of how we create mockup of a Facebook single image ad for one of our customers Gravity Sports Larvik. They have built a super awesome indoors trampoline park we’re using videos to raise awareness, so that more people can pay a visit. 



As you can see, this tool is very useful, since you can import the mockup to your ads after you’re done. So the interaction between the advertiser and the customer can be very fluid, when it comes to managing their identity.  When we started this project, Gravity Sports insisted in creating their own content, so what we do is implement the strategy, A/B test (a lot) and optimise the campaigns. However, there is so much footage of their customers in the park, we’re actually editing small clips we later use on our ads.

This is one of the many videos we’re using on our advertising strategy:



The same goes for the copy you see in the ad. We normally use Gravity’s primary ideas and iterate on them, however, we also propose copies to be able to test different messages. This has turned critical, since sometimes you can go a little beyond the customer’s idea and make a one-off campaign with a very specific example. A very cool example is the video below, where you can see a police officer jumping in one of the trampolines.

After a bit of back and forth about the text, this is what we came up with:



Without the help of tools like Facebook’s Creative Hub our job would’ve been much slower and we could’ve lost a lot of momentum with our campaigns. Everyone at Gravity has access to the Hub and can see pretty much live, what our ideas are. And best of all, this is two-way tool, so when your customer wants to test some idea out, they can simply create a mockup for an ad and see how it looks.

In conclusion

Participating in the decision process is both fun and challenging. At the end of the day each business have their identity and it is a valuable asset. Companies invest a lot of effort and money to make the general audience perceive them in a specific way so don’t mess with that! 

It is quite refreshing to see that advertising platforms like Facebook are taking this seriously and coming up with solutions like Creative Hub. It makes our live as advertisers ever so slightly easier!