"Singlot provided us with valuable help and a new point of view on how to manage our campaigns on Social Media. The campaigns have become essential to improve our interaction with the customers"

Ana Soloaga - Marketing Manager at BebedeParis

Generating Online sales

Creating brand recognition


The Customer

BebedeParis is a company specialized in products for new born. When the company was founded in 1994, their vision was to revolutionize the type of present we tend to give on such occasion.
Currently, the company’s business model is based entirely online and launching marketing campaigns is second nature to them. You can see their vast product catalogue at www.bebedeparis.com

When the opportunity came to us, we did not hesitate to work with BebedeParis, since this is the type of business we always reference as the perfect one for a digital performance agency like ours.
BebedeParis are currently running AdWords campaigns and so far it has become their main sales source. However, social media platforms have never worked as nicely for them in the past and as a result their investment has been quite moderate lately.

Singlot comes in

Ana Soloaga, who is the marketing manager insisted on the fact that volumes on social media were never high enough and that the main focus would be to increase the sales.
So after analyzing BebedeParis’ case, we suggested a series of guidelines aimed towards their goals. To start with, we recommended to generate as much traffic to the website as possible, since it is a great foundation for future conversion campaigns. We would then follow up with video view campaigns in order to raise awareness. Finally, we suggested launching retargeting campaigns using all the data we had previously acquired. Lastly we emphasized the need of adding a product catalogue and automate it so that we could launch DPA (Dynamic Product Ads).
Along the developers, we added all the necessary tracking, so that we could capture relevant information and create custom audiences so that the retargeting could be effective. Moreover, we implemented UTM into our workflow.

The Campaigns

Once all the technicalities were in place, we started creating campaigns whose objective was to increase the conversions and sales.
With that in mind, we first created traffic to website campaigns, so that we could later re-impact users and increase the chances of generating a sale. Using video campaigns proved essential in that whole process, since we generated 76866 video views at an average cost of 0.002€. By doing that, we could create campaigns with a tailored message for those who saw the video in the first place.
Using the product catalogue was also fundamental for our traffic campaigns, since the ads showcased the products, the prices and a call to action leading the user to the product landing page. These campaigns yielded very good results generating 14379 link clicks at an average cost of 0.08€ per click.
In regards to the conversion campaigns, we also used the catalogue and were imaginative looking for different and relevant audiences.
A good example of this approach was the “grandparents” target group. What we did was re-impact those users who had seen the video and further refine the targeting by adding a certain age group and specific demographic trades. The copy was also tailored for that specific target group. Here are a few examples.

The DPA campaigns were also very effective, especially when targeting those we had been in the website before. The message displayed to those users was more personal increasing the probabilities of generating a sale. The results were quite satisfactory, since we generated 9 direct sales with a total conversion value 743.60€. These results combined with the AdWords campaigns launched by BebedeParis, show a very clear path that we believe should be continued.

Reinforcing the Brand

In an ever-evolving environment such as Facebook, volumes have to be quite high, to ensure conversion campaigns are as cost effective and as profitable as possible. That’s the reason why despite the main focus being increase the numbers of sales, other type of interactions are also critical. In that respect, the engagement levels we generated with our campaigns were quite important and helped the brand recognition to be higher.
The number of new fans grew in 1150, increasing at the same time the number of direct messages on the Facebook page by a whooping 40%. Also worth mentioning the actions taken on the page increased a 73%.

It’s been a pleasure to work with a company like BebedeParis for many reasons, the most important one being their professionalism. They’ve always been very receptive to our suggestions and when it came to ask for materials, implement the catalogue or work on the tracking, everything was quick and flawless.
We have no doubts BebedeParis will continue to succeed and we’d love to think that thanks to our help, their future is even brighter!

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