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It is inspiring to collaborate with Singlot. Helene and Miguel are great sparring partners, and they have made me use social media differently. They know all the technical stuff, and I know our market. Together we create good campaigns.
Alise Myhre – Market coordinator at LABO
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LABO (Larvik boligbyggelag) is a local entity who helps customers to get in the housing market in Larvik, Vestfold. They have a deep penetration in the city and are present in tons of activities on their own and through collaboration with other businesses. They wanted to deeply explore the potential of performance marketing and increase the number of members to their platform.

What we did

We analysed LABO’s strategy and through several workshops, added ideas, streamlined processes and set up a systematic advertising strategy.
We helped them clean up their online tracking as well as refine it so that we track the relevant elements of the customer's navigation habits.

We also made sure to get and adjust content for the campaigns in order to make them relevant to the target audience. That included editing video ads for SOME and creating and advising in copywriting. As a result, we’re now combining always-on campaigns with a more general tone with concrete campaigns with their own goals and KPIs


Check out those metrics!
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18K website sessions
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10K website users
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33K page views
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